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Airplane Engine Covers

Airplane Engine Covers

Mudfords is one of the leading suppliers of Tarpaulins and various sheets within the UK. We can manufacture practically  any size sheet you require, whether it be in lightweight 220gsm Polyethylene material or 610gsm PVC material. Stuart Canvas Group, which includes Mudfords and A & J Bennett Ltd, produce trailer side curtains for various companies up and down the country, using 900gsm UV resistant PVC material.

We can also manufacture a variety of different shapes,  whether it be a box shape to cover outdoor furniture or a hexagon to cover a sandpit in a school playground.

These covers are used to protect plane engines from any damage during transportation.  Our Engine covers are typically manufactured from Webtex Ripstop material, which is ideal for the user as this material doesn't tear if it gets caught. There are various colours available in this material. Our Engine Covers can be manufactured to  any size, the most recent one we produced was 10m x 10m. These covers can come with lugs and are also double seamed for extra strength.

We have a wide range of colours and grades available, samples can be provided should you require. High quality products at low costs. Get in touch and we'll get back to you with a quote!

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