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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)

Rollover & Filter Sheets

We offer 630gsm and 900 gsm UV-protected PVC sheets  in a wide range of colours. All the sheets are waterproof to help withstand all the elements, with logo and name printing also being an option.  


Rollover Sheets 

We produce replacement rollover sheets from high quality grade PVC which is durable, weatherproof and UV Stabilised to reduce the colour fading on the sheet.  Our rollover sheets are made to measure to ensure the correct fit for your unit. The cover's minimum weight we offer starts at 580gsm and runs up to 900gsm. 

Filter Sheets 

The filter sheets we offer are manufactured from a highly breathable and durable material equipped with reinforced roped hems. The filter sheets that we offer are ideal for transporting and protecting fine materials such as sawdust and fine grains. The sheets can also be used along with the PVC Roller top sheets to form a secure and weatherproof cover.