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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)

Trailer Netting

Trailer Nets 

The Trailer Covers that we supply are designed to protect and secure large, loose and uneven cargo loads. Our nets will help road users meet the standard requirement of the road traffic act and also profit the maximum safety and security of your items. 

From Standard PVC to PVC Mesh we can manufacture exact customer requirements for your nets. This can include extra ropes and lettering, the typical uses for this kind of netting are covering skips and during waste paper transport.


We are also able to supply sidewinder braid netting providing brilliant protection for travelling cargo. 

34mm x 3mm

The 34mm x 3mm braid nets that we supply are manufactured with a 3mm braided black cord, the product is predominantly used as skip nets and sidewinder nets. 

The skip nets are created with a 6mm BR and 6mm tie ropes which are 6 foot long and approximately every 4 foot. 6mm White Ties are also equipped into the 4 corners of the netting. 

The sidewinder nets are rigged with a 6mm BR and each corner of the net is marked with a coloured twine.

Braid Netting

The nets can be custom sized for exact customer requirements with previous nets being manufactured at 6' x 4' all the way up to 45'x 16'.

60mm x 4mm 

This 60mm x 4mm braid netting is ideal for Skip Nets, Brick Nets and Cover Nets. 

The Smaller Nets all come with a 6mm BR and 6mm Tie Ropes that are 6 feet long approximately every 4 feet along the net. The net also includes 6mm white ties in the corners of the netting. The larger nets are rigged with 8mm BR and 6mm Tie Ropes. 

The nets can be modified and created to specific customer size ranging from 6' x 6' to 52' x 16' 

We can also supply a 8mm shock cord threaded round for skips and pick ups etc.