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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Mudfords Barrier Fences & Fencing Pins this Summer

Mudfords Barrier Fences & Fencing Pins this Summer

As we have updated stock of our Barrier Fencing, we thought it would be appropriate to quickly highlight three areas in which the product can be used this summer.

Outdoor Safety 

As Summer is synonymous with festivals, concerts and general outdoor events, it is important to ensure the safety of attendees that attend. The barrier fence can be used to direct foot traffic, prevent overcrowding and create clear pathways for emergency exits.



Home Improvement & Landscaping

Good weather provides us with an opportunity for home improvement and outdoor landscaping projects whether big or small. The fences and pins can be used a protective shield to barrier against newly planted seeds or flowers and even freshly painted surfaces. 


Enhanced recreational areas 

Public communal areas such as parks, beaches and recreational areas tend to see a surge in visitors during the summer months, it is important that these spaces are kept well and barrier fencing can assist with that. Whilst undergoing maintenance operations such as lawn mowing or general gardening, the barrier can cordon off areas that are being worked on. 

Our Barrier fencing are versatile and robust that can enhance safety and provide an efficient tool across a variety of activities during the summer. If you are interested in purchasing our barrier fencing, head to the link below. 



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