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Pitch Frost and Ground Covers

Pitch Frost and Ground Covers

Mudfords with our partners Stuart Canvas are one of the leading providers of Pitch Frost Covers and Ground Covers within the UK. Perfect for Frost Protection. Our Covers are a perfect solution to protect your pitches from Frost now that winter is fast approaching.

Manufactured as a single skin or a triple skin cover depending on the level of protection and insulation required. They are manufactured from a 130gsm or a 190gsm geotextile material and  come complete with reinforced hems and eyelets for pegging down.

Both our Frost Pitch and Ground Covers are available as 'flat sheets' or as an 'inflatable roller system'. The rollers require less labour and allow the frost covers to be deployed quickly and easily. 

Is this something you're interested in? Take a look at our product pages to see more images. Or email - for a quote.

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