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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Product Collection Series - Slings

Product Collection Series - Slings

Our Lifting Slings are one of our most versatile product collections that we have. The two category's that we have are webbing slings and round slings providing elite-level security and support for a variety of industries.

Round Slings

Between the two products, they are often both used in similar applications but the products themselves are different sizes ad provide different flexibility. Both are manufactured from polyester with the round slings being manufactured from polyester fibres enclosed in a protective sleeve which gives the product its flexibility whereas the webbing slings are constructed from a woven polyester which provides strength and durability. 

Webbing Sling

The slings are transferrable across a wide variety of industry's and below we will highlight the variety of ways the products can be utilised.  Both items can be utilised in the majority of the industries that will be mentioned.


Our slings are commonly used for lifting heavy materials such as steel beams, concrete blocks and other components. The round slings in particular are equipped with carrying such heavy loads as they are able to wrap around the item.


Webbing slings are most commonly operated in the automotive industry for lifting and transporting vehicle parts, engines and components.


In agriculture, the slings aid in tasks like lifting and moving heavy machinery such as irrigation pumps, machinery parts and crops.

These are just a few of the ways that slings are used across a multitude of industries and if you are interested in our lifting slings, click the link below.  





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