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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Hessian and it's uses during winter

Hessian and it's uses during winter

Our hessian folds and rolls are some of the most versatile products in our catalogue and can be utilised throughout the year, but especially winter. We all know the basic uses that hessian can provide as a frost cover but in this blog, we will explore some uses that may not be as common. 

Firstly, Hessian can be implemented to insulate and warm homes during the winter months, hessian can be be a cheaper alterative to seal gaps in windows and doors to prevent cold drafts from entering a home thus contributing a warmer environment. 

Christmas Hessian Decoration 
Hessian can also be wrapped around exposed pipes helping insulate them and  tackle against any potential freezing and potential damage during extremely cold weather.
Continuing with the theme of uses around the home, Hessian can be a great material for winter decorations. From wreaths to table runners, the natural texture of hessian can add a warm charm to homes during the festive period, whilst also providing a biodegradable and reusable gift wrap that can be reused.


Hessian-wrapped gift 

During the winter months, firewood becomes a staple in homes that have a fireplace or stove and it is vital that it gets properly covered to avoid it getting damp. Due to its material, hessian is a fantastic solution to this as it can absorb excess moisture.

We are able to provide Hessian in a fold or roll, with a variety of sizes and lengths available, if you are interested in our hessian products, click the link below;

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