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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
The Numerous Uses & Benefits of Tarpaulins

The Numerous Uses & Benefits of Tarpaulins

Here at Mudfords, one of our best-selling product groups is the range of Tarpaulins that we manufacture. We provide customers with numerous sizes and weights to best cater for the individual’s needs, this is due to the differing uses that Tarpaulins can provide. 

The smallest product we provide is an Economy Tarpaulin 2.5m x 5.5.m and weighs 80 GSM (grams per square meter), this is ideal for covering garden furniture, haystacks, or general mechanical equipment.

The heaviest product we provide is a heavy-duty Tarpaulin which weighs 610 GSM (grams per square meter) which can be best used for covering large scale equipment, haulage usage and trailer covers.

This isn’t all however, we also offer a Cotton Canvas Tarpaulin, a strong waterproof tarp cover sheet perfect for use on the back of trucks and machine cover as well as machine cover. This Tarpaulin is the largest by square meter that we have to offer ranging from 12x9 to 30x18.

Finally, we manufacture an Insulated Tarpaulin, this product is designed to keep loads hot or cold during journeys or being stored.

Common Functions

Now each individual Tarpaulin will have different uses depending on what the consumer purchases it for. As stated earlier, the heavier, larger Tarp tends to be used for industrial work covering larger scale machinery or haulage. But this isn’t always the case they can be used for market stall covers, trailer covers or even large-scale garden furniture like swimming pools. This is due to the size and durability of the sheet.

Like the heavier Tarp, the lighter more standard tarp still has an abundance of uses, not only does it cover the basics such as your garden furniture and smaller appliances, but also can be used to cover motor vehicles, provide shelter against the weather and even in some circumstances can be used for a camping trip!

The Features

Each Tarpaulin that we create is manufactured with the best material to create the best product. Each Tarpaulin comes equipped with eyelets all around allowing for users to insert rope which is supplied with the heavier products. The economic tarp comes in a laminated finish with a hot welded corded hem to ensure maximum stability. Heavier tarpaulin is created with a PVC coated polyester to best support the bigger tasks that will need doing. 



At Mudfords we offer a Tarpaulin for any need or purpose and make sure that each product is created the best it can be. If you are interested in having a greater look at the selection or sizes of the Tarpaulin that we offer, or any of our other products, head to our website inked below.

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