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The Uses of Mudfords Hessian During the Summer Months

The Uses of Mudfords Hessian During the Summer Months

As the warm summer months approach, the need for practical and versatile materials becomes evident in various outdoor and indoor activities. Although our Hessian is primarily used during the colder months of the year, that doesn't mean that it can't be utilised during the summer months. 

Hessian is known for its durability, eco-friendliness, and rustic charm and offers numerous applications that can enhance your summer experience. Below we have listed some of the ways the product can be utilised. 

Gardening and Landscaping

Hessian, is a gardener's best friend. Its breathable and biodegradable properties make it ideal for several gardening purposes:

  • Weed Control: Lay the Hessian onto garden beds to suppress weed growth while allowing water and nutrients to reach the soil.
  • Plant Protection: Protect young plants from harsh sunlight and pests by wrapping them in Hessian, it also helps maintain soil moisture around the plants.
  • Composting: Use Hessian to cover compost piles. It retains moisture and heat, speeding up the decomposition process while keeping pests at bay.

Picnics and Outdoor Events

Hessian adds a charming, vintage touch to any outdoor gathering:

  • Picnic Blankets: Spread a large piece of Hessian as a picnic blanket. It’s durable enough to withstand rough ground and can be easily shaken clean.
  • Table Runners and Decor: Use Hessian as table runners or place mats for outdoor dining. Its rustic appearance enhances the aesthetic of casual summer parties and barbecues.

Crafts and DIY Projects

Hessian is a favourite material for DIY enthusiasts due to its versatility and ease of use:

  • Banners and Buntings: Create festive banners or buntings for summer parties or weddings. The natural texture of Hessian adds a rustic charm.
  • Gift Wrap: Wrap gifts in Hessian for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wrapping paper. Add some twine or ribbon for a finished look.
  • Home Décor: Use Hessian to craft cushions, wall hangings, or decorative storage baskets that bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

Camping and Outdoor Activities

For those who love outdoor adventures, Hessian can be incredibly useful:

  • Ground Covers: Lay Hessian under sleeping bags or tents to provide an extra layer of insulation and protection from the ground.
  • Backpack Liners: Use Hessian sacks to line backpacks, keeping contents dry and organized.

Erosion Control

If you have slopes or exposed soil areas on your property, Hessian can help prevent erosion:

  • Soil Stabilisation: Lay Hessian mats over slopes to hold soil in place until vegetation takes root. It’s an effective, temporary solution that naturally decomposes over time.
  • Revegetation Projects: Use Hessian to protect newly seeded areas from being washed away by summer rains.


Our Hessian is much more than just a piece of fabric for use during the winter months. It is a multipurpose tool that can enhance multiple aspects of summer activities. Its natural, eco-friendly properties makes it a fantastic product to use this summer.

If you are interested in our Hessian, click the link below.


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