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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)

Modular Building Covers - Prices On Application

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With the modular building sector booming there is a requirement to protect the assests as they travel from their manufacturing location to their end destination. It is known that damage can occur in transit of buildings and using batons or tarpaulins in high winds on the motorways results in torn covers and then damaged buildings. In turn, the Tarpaulins and Batons are then skipped/sent to landfill which is not very sustainable.

Stuart Canvas has created a solution to not only protect the assests, but make sure the cover is reuseable time and time again. Therefore not only protecting your assest but making it a more sustainable product. Our covers are made from a variety of materials and these depend on the customer requirements and budgets but the materials vary from PVC to Polyethylene.

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