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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Haulage Products - A selection of  items that can help your Haulage Company

Haulage Products - A selection of items that can help your Haulage Company

Introduction to Haulage 

Road Haulage plays a key role in the way that the UK population receives their goods. Its statistically the 5th largest sector in the country in terms of employment and over £85 billion a year is contributed to the UK economy [1]. 

In-fact, stats released by the Government website showcases that 77% of all domestic freight in the year of 2020 was moved by the road [2] and that includes 98% of all food and agricultural produce in the UK is transported through Road Haulage [1]. 

At Mudfords, we have over 45 years experience within the Haulage industry, supplying key products and attachments to help support the ever changing field. On account of this, we have invested heavily in new technology and machinery to be able to accommodate the increasing demands. 

Due to the higher investment, we offer numerous products and accessories to Haulage companies such as Truck Nets, Heavy Duty Tarpaulins, Lifting Slings and Ratchet Straps. 

Below is a guide of the products described above and the benefits that each one can give for Haulage Companies.

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 

Our Heavy Duty Tarpaulins are very versatile due to the eyelets that are placed every 4 feet which helps cover irregular loads on your lorries. The sheets come in a variety of sizes accommodating any type of transport that you have.  

Due to the sturdiness of the Tarpaulin, they are fantastic for coverage use due to holding up well in strong winds. 

Our Tarpaulins are manufactured from a sturdy durable PVC coated polyester and are available in sizes ranging from our smallest 610gsm tarp size at 3.5m x 2.75m to our largest tarpaulin we offer that is 10m x 6m. 

We also offer the opportunity of custom made products such as rollover covers and trailer tension curtains. 

The custom made curtains are made from a Heavy Duty UV stabilised PVC to suit all of your requirements. They can be manufactured in either a horizontal or vertical build. The curtains are available in an abundance of colours and custom printing is also an option. 

The rollover covers are offered in either 630gsm or 900gsm UV protected PVC Sheets. They are available in numerous colours and we also provide an option of having name printing your company on the sheet. 

Cargo Nets 

Cargo Nets are a fantastic product due to the versatility they provide to haulage companies. They can be utilised in a warehouse or as a transportation  application. The nets provide fantastic protection when being used on certain trailer types such as a flatbed trailer or a low loader. 

 Cargo Nets being used to cover IBC Bags 

The nets are manufactured with a 3.5mm braided polythene twine whilst being mounted on an 8mm diameter boarder rope whilst being rot proof and UV stabilised. We manufacture sizes ranging from 10' x 9' to 46' x 15'. 

Truck Nets 

Truck Nets are best utilised when being applied to cargo trucks or waste skips. The product is produced from a fine 180gsm PVC mesh net and contains patched eyelets across the boarder of the product and comes complete with polypropylene rope ties.  

Lifting Slings 

Our webbing slings are perfect lifting equipment manufactured to BSEN 1492-1200 with a 7:1 SWL ratio. The product is popular due to its durability and flexibility. The slings are manufactured from 100% Polyester and is colour coded in correspondence with the safe working load. 

 Slings colour coded in terms of the weight they can handle

The Slings are most commonly used on forklifts to help support large items such as machinery to be transported safely to a new destination. Our webbing slings are available in a range of sizes from 1m - 66m and each sling we offer can carry different weights from 1 tonne to 5 tonne. 

Ratchet Straps 

Our straps are made to measure in our warehouse and we can add ratchets, hooks or loops to whatever lengths you require. All our straps use high quality materials and are finished using cross thread to ensure maximum durability. 

We manufacture from 800kg to 5 tonne breaking force and items can be made to order to ensure you have the preferred colour, load rating, attachments and specifications. 

There is also an opportunity to have Custom Ratchet Straps created, Mudfords has supplied personalised ratchet straps for the past 20 years offering custom made straps and numerous fitting ends as Chain Link end Fittings, Open Rave Hook End Fittings, Delta End Fittings and many more. 

Below is a video that we created explaining a simple way of how to use a Ratchet Strap.

We have created a new Haulage Collection on our website that is visible on the front page. This includes the products that have been spoken about in this blog and also a few more that can help out Haulage companies.

If you are interested, click the link here and it will take you straight to the page: 


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Links 2.

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