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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
15 Ways Our Best Selling Products Can Be Used

15 Ways Our Best Selling Products Can Be Used

Here at Mudfords we offer a variety of products and items that can provide numerous uses for businesses and consumers. Items such as Economy Tarpaulin's provide great versatility as they can act as outdoor furniture protection along with coverage for more commercial products such as machine and mechanical equipment. 

Below are products that are listed for sale on our website that we believe to be versatile in terms of their usages making them a great purchase for most people. The content showcases an image of the product in use, ways that the product can be utilised and a description about the technical aspects of the products. 

Polypropylene Sandbags

Our Sandbags can be filled with sand or soil making them versatile due to their different usages. They are most commonly utilised as a protective barrier against floods as they are designed to block doorways and drains to prevent water entering. The bags can also be used as a weight to support garden furniture whilst being excellent for erosion control to prevent collapsing in rocks or mudslides.  Finally the products can be also used as agricultural storage and transportation of feeds, grains and more. 

Our sandbag comes unfilled with anti-rotting protection which showcases their capability of being used for flood defence. The product can carry approximately 12.5kg of materials and comes equipped with ties to help secure the product. 

Polypropylene Sandbags being used for Flood Defence. 

We create sandbags in three different materials, Hessian, Polypropylene and Heavy Duty Polypropylene, if you are interested in our Sandbags click the link here: 

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin

Our Heavy Duty Tarpaulins are very versatile due to the eyelets that are placed every 4 feet meaning the sheet can be used for a variety of uses like camping sheets and vehicle covers. The sheet can also be used in a more commercial fashion such as acting as a trailer cover, protecting machinery, or as a temporary cover on a roof. 

A Tarpaulin covering materials 

The tarpaulins are manufactured from a sturdy PVC 610gsm coated polyester and have eyelets placed every 4 feet. The product comes equipped with ropes and reinforced corners. 

We also offer tarpaulins in different lengths, material and weight on our website so click the link here to head there now:


Hessian Fold/Roll 

Hessian Folds/Rolls are predominately used for frost protection on brick work, concrete and plants due to their natural material. However, Hessian Folds can also be used for general material use such as rags or in some instances  people may even use them for decoration.

Our Hessian is 100% natural and biodegradable making it ideal for covering concrete and brickwork. The rolls are available in 2 different lengths of 46m and 91m.

Mudfords Hessian on New Brickwork  

An example of a Hessian Fold in use.

You can purchase our Hessian Fold here 

25mm Mini Ratchet Straps 800kg

Ratchet Straps are commonly used to tie down items and keep them more secure in storage at building yards. They can also be used to keep products protected whilst moving items around on a forklift. 

Our ratchet straps are manufactured to BSEN 12195-2:2000 and are at a length of 4m. The webbing of the strap is 100% polyester .

 A ratchet strap being used to hold wood together 

On the website we sell numerous types of ratchet straps ranging from 25mm to 50mm along with lifting slings. If you are interested in purchasing our Ratchet Straps & Slings, click the link here: 

If you want to check out any of our other products or simply browse the website then you can find us at




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