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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)

The Big Reed Christmas Donation

Last year, Reed Business Support in Sheffield decided to create a donation in which staff and patients of Weston Park Cancer Charity receive Christmas Selection Boxes along with a donation of money. The initiative was a big success last year, so once again Reed Business Support decided to  the help the charity again and when we were contacted we couldn't say no! 

Weston Park is a fantastic local cancer charity and provides a number of services and support to help people who suffer with the disease and the people around them. Funds that are raised by the charity also help support research and trials that are led by Medical experts at the centre.

Since Weston Park Hospital opened in 1970, cancer survival rates have more than doubled with staggering advances, this is thanks in large parts to incredible research that has been undertaken, some examples of the research that Weston Park has fore fronted is funding 13 posts at the CCTC, extensive research into head and neck cancer sensitivity to radiotherapy and predicating treatment response to sarcoma. 

An example of some of the boxes that were donated. 

Thanks to the brilliant work of Saj and David we managed to raise £80 and donate over 30 selection boxes to the Cancer Charity. We have provided a link below to the Charity's website, so if you are interested in providing a donation, click the link below: 

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