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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Bundle Deals - Barrier Fencing & Fencing Pins

Bundle Deals - Barrier Fencing & Fencing Pins

Our Barrier Fencing is an allusive lightweight products that also provides a sense of durability in the multiple environments and industries that it can be used in.  

Barrier Fencing 
The fence is sized at 1m x 50m and is available in an orange colourway,
A common use for this product in a non-commercial use is to provide a secure and protected area for smaller agricultural areas such as chicken runs, conservation of plants/ponds and for gardening.
In terms of industry use, the fences are most commonly used in an event management setting along with construction usage. The item helps provide crowd management at festivals and events and can provide a temporary windbreak fencing structure.
The barrier fences are paired with our fence pins (sold separately) which are available in packs of 10
Fencing Pin 
The fencing pins are 1.2m in length and are equipped with a large top hook, they're perfect to partner with our barrier fencing to provide you with the ultimate security and protection.
If you are interested in either of our products, click the link below and head to our purchase page. 
Barrier Fencing - 
Fencing Pins -
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