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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Product Showcase - Spring - Blue Contractor Tarpaulin

Product Showcase - Spring - Blue Contractor Tarpaulin

Now we have left the winter months and have arrived into spring, this time of the year sees the start of families and friends being able to socialise more outdoors be that with a BBQ, potential camping trip or as simple as a picnic in a park.
One of our products that best suits these warmer months is our Contractor Economy Tarpaulin. At 60gsm, they are the lightest sheet that we offer but they may be the most versatile. The product can be used in an enormity of ways as it is in simple terms a very reliable cover. 

The sheet has a lamented finish to 0.05mm with a welded corded hem. Along with this, the tarpaulin also has eyelets located in the corners of the product allowing for tie down. 

Tarpaulin in its packaging 

This allows for the tarpaulin to be tightly secure to the ground which allows the sheet to be used as a windbreak or to create a shaded area at the beach or park. Another use for the sheet at a park can be as a picnic blanket with similar uses being available as a camping sheet.
As expected, the good weather wont always last and spring and summer may present us with the odd shower. That's why its important that if you do bring out the summer equipment, it important you fully protect it and cover it up.
If you are interested in our economy contractor tarpaulins, then head to our page and copy the link into your browser;
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