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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Summer Products Showcase - Bespoke Gazebo's, Furniture Cover's.

Summer Products Showcase - Bespoke Gazebo's, Furniture Cover's.

Today is the 21st of June and the first official day of Summer or otherwise known as the Summer Solstice. We all know summer as a time that allows us to spend more times outdoors in our gardens and opportunities for socialising more with families and friends. 

With this being said, we offer a range of high-quality bespoke products for your outdoor furniture and objects such as Furniture Covers (table & chairs), BBQ Covers and Bespoke Gazebos. 

Furniture Covers 

The image below is an example of some of the furniture covers that we provide.  All of our cover services are bespoke  meaning we can create them for your exact specifications. Our covers are manufactured from a wide range of suitable materials such as Canvas and PVC, we also provide waterproof materials as well for the rainy days. 

Simply contact our sales team and provide them with information about the products you are looking to cover, e.g. what it is you want covering, size measurements and be ready to send over some images of the products over to us so we can get the best idea of product. 


Gazebo Covers 

Our Gazebo Covers are created and manufactured from a selection of materials such as a Polyester backed canvas or a PVC material depending on the look and durability that you are looking for.  We offer a variety of colours for all of our materials providing your own personal touch to the product.  We recommend different fixings for the gazebo depending on what material your framework it is made from. 

For a Wooden Framework, we would recommend turn buttons which come in two parts. The first part is screwed into the framework itself and the second is screwed onto the cover. Once both parts are put together, the first fixing can be turned to allow the cover to be secured into place. 

Eyelets can also be produced onto the covers, although you will need to purchase hooks to allow the eyelets to be screwed into the framework. 

With regards to a Metal Framework, we recommend Velcro tabs. The process for this fixing is using hooks and loop Verco which wraps around the framework and secures it all together. Like the wooden framework eyelets can be used, however rope/shock cords will need to be purchased to thread through each eyelet whilst wrapping around the framework. 

For the Gazebo's panel, we can provide a Clear PVC allowing the sun to enter the Gazebo, please be aware that is a fully clear PVC panel is installed, this may result in the sheeting shrinking depending on the temperature. 


Home & Garden Covers 

We offer a wide variety of covers for use at home, covers can be manufactured for products such as garden furniture, BBQ's , Shelters and even pool's and Hot Tubs. All of the covers are made to exact measurements and below is a table of the materials and grades that we can apply. 

Grade Material Colour 
220gsm Polythene  Green, Black, Green, White, Grey
530gsm Fenner Cloth Translucent, Green
610gsm PVC Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow 
630gsm UV Protected PVC  Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Metallic Silver
640gsm Velbex  Clear
900gsm  UV Protected PVC  Blue, Light Blue, Green, Black, White, Yellow. Grey, Red 
4oz PU Nylon  Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, Brown Red, Orange 
12oz Ripstop Blue, Green, Red, Black, White, Orange, Yellow, Red and Olive
12oz Cotton Canvas  Blue and Green 
14oz Cotton Canvas  Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange 


If you are interested in any of our covers and would like to request a quote, contact our sales team and ring 01142 433 033. 

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