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Free Shipping for orders over £700 (UK Mainland)
Versatile products that can help you this Winter

Versatile products that can help you this Winter

Now we have entered the final months of the year and the colder, wetter weather is more prominent, it's vital that you have the right items to maximise protection for your products. 

In this blog we will look over 3 versatile products that can be beneficial all year round but are most effective during these colder autumn and winter months. 

Each product has a primary job but due to the versatility of the products there are plenty of ways that they can be used that some people may not know, 

Insulated Tarpaulins

The first product we are going to look at is the range of Insulated Tarpaulins we have. We offer 3 different forms of our insulated tarpaulin products, our base range economy tarpaulin, a mid range standard tarpaulin and our premium insulated tarpaulins. 

The tarpaulins we offer are mainly used in the construction industry to regulate product temperature during transportation around the country but as stated before, they are a versatile product and can be used in a multutlitude of ways.

For instance, one of the tasks it performs well with is concrete curing. It is important that throughout the process of curing that there is adequate moisture maintained in the concrete whilst also being at the right temperature aiding in the process being accelerated faster. This can be done with all 3 of our insulated tarpaulins due to the robust 14oz jute bottom the products come with making it perfect for that task. 

Another way the item can be operated is as an extra insulation base in your home and garages. The combination of the jute material bottom along with the PVC top provide an excellent option for heating this autumn and winter.

Insulated Tarpaulin

You may be wondering what the difference is between an insulated tarpaulin in comparison to the standard range of Tarpaulins that we offer. This comes down to what you are actually using the product for. Although they are both fantastic products, the insulated tarpaulins are better suited for when you are trying to keep certain loads hot or cold .

The insulated tarpaulins are also slightly more expensive than our standard tarpaulins that have the same measurements, this is because our insulated tarpaulins have a longer life span than that of normal tarpaulins. 

If you are interested in our tarpaulins, click the link below and it will take you to the webpage.

Insulated Tarpaulins -


As we are progressing through the autumn months and heading into winter, this provides us with plenty more rain and cold weather. 


Our Yellow Heavy-Duty Sandbags

In anticipation for this and the best way to combat any danger of flooding, be sure to pick up one of our Sandbag collections. We offer a variety of different bags such as Hessian, Polypropylene and Rotproof.

Hessian Sandbags that we use are sized at 13" x 30" and come equipped with ties to help secure the product. The Hessian material that we use for the bags is strong, durable and has the capability to hold 12.5kg of sand or any similar form of grain material. The sandbags are primarily used as support to weigh items down such as tarpaulins and also signs. They can also provide a quality option for flood defence due to the natural biodegradable material the sandbags are made from. 

We also provide Hessian Sandbags with a rotproof material which is slightly more expensive, however the water intake is lower than the normal material meaning a longer life span for the bags. 

Our Polypropylene Sandbags are less expensive than than the hessian and are also a lighter product, The product is made from our lightweight polypropylene and are equipped with anti-rotting protection making them more durable and versatile. The way the sandbags are most commonly used are as a protective flood barrier to block doorways and drains to prevent water entering. The bags can also be utilised as a weight to keep things such as signs and posts stable and secure. 

Like the hessian equivalent, we offer a stronger version of our polypropylene sandbags which is our Heavy-Duty range. They come in two different colours either black or yellow and equipped with an anti-rotting protection providing a more hardware and superior material making the bags durable and longer lasting. 

If you are interested in any range of our sandbags, click the link and it will take you to our dedicated web page for all of our bags. 



Jute Sheet 

The final product that we are going to focus on in this blog are our jute sheets. The jute material that we use are a type of textile fibre that originates from the jute plant. 

Tarmac Cover Tarpaulin Jute Sheet

Tarmacadam Jute Sheet 

The material is relatively rough and absorbs water readily meaning it dries fast whilst keeping its natural appearance, The product is also biodegradable and resistant to abrasion and staining. 

The sheets are mainly used in the construction industry and the tarpaulins are  inexpensive for the quality that they provide and can be heat resistant to a certain temperature. Other ways that the sheet can be used is as a protective sheeting over tarmacadam.

As with the other products we have mentioned on the blog, you can access the jute sheets on our website by clicking the link below

Jute Sheets - 

If you are interested in any of the products listed above, you can click the link at the end of each product section lick the link below and you will head to our best-seller page with all of the products included.

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